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Our Premier Eye Care Services

Larson Vision Care provides exceptional optometry and eye care services for you! We can conduct thorough eye evaluations, determine your exact prescription, fit you with the appropriate eyewear, and more. Come visit us for a comprehensive eye exam today! We’ll take a look at your eye health to see how we can help.


Personalized Eye Exams

Our eye doctor measures your eye to understand how your eyes work and what conditions you might have. Then, we take accurate prescription readings that give you the clear vision you want. Our doctor loves to spend time with his patients and get to know you, your needs, and how he can best serve you.

Contact Lens Fittings of All Types

Larson Vision Care offers a full spectrum of contacts. We carry contacts from all well known and respected brands. Our doctor will make sure your multifocal, monovision, or single vision contacts fit comfortably. We want you to walk out of here with a pair of contacts that are both clear and comfortable.

Treatment And Management of Ocular Disease

Larson Vision Care provides high-quality ocular disease treatment with knowledge and compassion. We carry the latest retinal scanning technology that diagnoses and treats diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more. Our doctor always offers detailed explanations about your disease, simple-to-understand treatment options, and compassionate follow-up care. We treat you as a close family member or friend.

Co-Management for Laser and Cataract Surgeries

Want to go through laser or cataract surgery? We can refer you to one of our trusted partners. Expect only the best surgical care from our tried-and-true surgeons. Our team performs both pre-appointments and post-surgical care.

Facilities and Equipment

Our medical building carries top pre-testing optical equipment. Here we carry everything for optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) and retinal photography to visual field testing and more. Our facility also boasts a very comfortable waiting room that is cleaned and sanitized regularly for the health and safety of our patients. Enjoy easy-access parking behind our building.

Frame Styling to Compliment You

Your frames should fit your style! Larson Vision Care offers an extensive selection of styles and options that we are constantly updating. With the help of our highly trained and experienced staff, you will always leave with your perfect pair of glasses. Outside prescriptions are welcome.




As an optometrist, Dr. Michael Larson offers pre- and post-operative care for patients undergoing LASIK eye surgery or other eye surgical procedures. Our goal is to help you attain the clearest vision possible using advanced technologies.

Evaluation and Referral


LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery uses the latest advancements in technology to provide faster recovery times and precise results. LASIK surgery has been effective in treating myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other eye conditions. At Larson Vision Care Optometry, we provide evaluations and referrals for patients interested in LASIK surgery. Dr. Larson performs a complete review of your patient history as well as a full assessment of your eye health and vision. A current exam is important to determining if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery and if there are any other factors that may affect your results. The history review enables our optometrist to determine if your prescription is stable and you are healthy enough to consider surgery.

Once Dr. Larson has performed the evaluation and determined whether you are a candidate for LASIK, you will be given a referral to the LASIK surgeon at Slade & Baker Vision whom we have worked with on an ongoing basis. The center will perform advanced diagnostic testing and will evaluate your eligibility for surgery. Various surgery options will be discussed with you if you are determined to be a surgical candidate. We will be in correspondence with the surgeons at Slade & Baker Vision regarding your evaluation and surgical determination. If you are considering LASIK surgery, call us at (281) 358-5411 to schedule a consultation.

Post-Operative Care


Once your surgery is scheduled, we will schedule follow-up appointments for you in our office. Typically, you will begin these follow-ups the day after the surgery and continue at prearranged times over the following six months. After 1 year, a full exam is recommended to determine the long-term results of your procedure. Dr. Larson is very experienced in working with patients pre- and post-operation and will answer any questions that you have along the way. If you have questions about LASIK surgery, call (281) 358-5411 to speak with our knowledgeable staff or email us at

Advantages of LASIK


If you have worn glasses or contact lenses for a long time, you may have wondered if LASIK surgery is a good choice for you. While not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, it does have some great advantages. People who play sports, have allergies, or who are looking for simplicity will all benefit from LASIK. To learn more about LASIK and your vision, call Larson Vision Care today at (281) 358-5411.

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